Adrian's Garden
Mission:  Friend
Mission Date:  0-97
Mission Summary:  Two missions were on the pad:  (1) the retrieval of Maurice Sauvage and (2) the protection of Renzo Marin.

Mission Anomalies:

(1)  The murder of Section One operatives by an unknown entity during the
       retrieval mission.

(2)  The assassination of Marin.

(3)  The Dungeon:  Cell 12 Adrian.

Adversaries:  Maurice Sauvage and others unknown.

Section Team: Ray Leeds, operative from Oversight.

Mission End Game:

Sauvage captured.  Second mission failed to protect Marin.  Ray Leeds canceled for failure of Marin mission.

Psychological impact:

Nikita's performance during both of the missions were standard.  However, she appeared to be very stressed for unknown reasons.  During both missions, she kept saying that something was not right and questioning the actions of others.

It has come to Psych Ops attention that Nikita had been on the mission for at least 24 hours.  Her explanation was that she was kidnaped by unknown friends of Rene Dion in an attempt to get to Michael.  The motive for said kidnaping was revenge.

Michael's performance on both missions was up to his usual standards.  He did seem to be distracted by Nikita's disappearance (see below) and had Birkoff attempt to find her by honing in on the crystalline tracker place in her flank when she returned from being held by the Freedom League.

Michael and Nikita's Bond:
During the last year, Nikita and Michael have been on a rollercoaster.  Their relationship has been one of extremes - either keeping far away from each other or seemingly together.  Whether Section gossip is correct and they are involved in an unsanctioned relationship remains unclear.  However, during these last few missions (since he is no longer her mentor), they have taken to meeting in unusual and out-of-the-way places.

Since the Goellner mission, Nikita has been reporting to Operations.  Michael can sense that there is something going on that he is not privy to and is worried where all of this is going.  His attempt to locate her using the implanted tracking device, the down grading of an ongoing mission,  his visit to her apartment in an attempt to locate her, and their meeting held in a deserted part of Section are clear indications that although their relationship has been on unsure footing, it is evident that their bond is still strong.

From the surveillance tapes of their meeting, it can be clearly seen that he does not believe the story that Nikita is telling him and that is silently begging (for Michael) her to tell him the truth.  In the end, he let's it go.

It is clear that Nikitia is involved in a deep cover mission.  It is apparent that her tracker has been removed by parties unknown.

Lady Aeval

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