NAME:                                              Adrian

CODENAME:                                    Classified


AGE:                                  60ish

EDUCATION:                               Unknown

MARITAL STATUS:                Unknown


Adrian is an well-educated, upper class  Englishwoman.  During  the Korean Conflict, she was recruited into MI-6 operations because of her special analytical abilities.  After Korea, she founded the Sections under the auspices of the CIA, MI-6, NATO, Mossad, and other intelligence agencies (See Special Report: The Agency).  Section's original intent was to protect the West from insurrectionists within attempting to spread the Communist agenda.

During the 60's and  70's, Adrian performed analysis of intel, planning and execution of missions.  She was also involved in the recruiting and training of personnel.


Sometime during the mid-70's the current Operations was recruited.  It is unknown at this time how long of a period he was in training or how fast his rise through the ranks was.  What is known is that in the late 70's, Operations starts to take steps to oust Adrian from control of Section One.  The struggle for power was very bitter and left Operations with many enemies (See Relationship File: Operations).  Walter stated that Adrian was the only one to have escaped Section and kept her freedom.


Why would Adrian try to destroy what she built?  Is it out of revenge?  Or is it out of concern for what Section and Operations have become?  Did she build Brutus?

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