Relationship Profile: Adrian

Adrian and Operations:

The relationship between Adrian and Operations is very antagonistic.  Although the files are classified at Level 30, it is safe to assume that Operations had become  to Adrian what Madeline has become to him - a master strategist.  His assumption of power must have been gradual that no one, including Adrian noticed it until it was too late.  When Adrian realized what was happening, she attempted to bring it to a halt.  However, Operations had already consolidated enough allies that the takeover was almost assured.  Unfortunately, Operations did not have the backing of all members of the Agency.  Therefore, to this day, he must constantly watch for any similar coup attempts (See Coup Attempt).  It is unknown how Adrian managed to escape cancellation.

Adrian and Nikita: 

Adrian must have been watching the new recruits of Section One to find an inside ally.  She has found one in Nikita.  Adrian knows most of Nikita's past including Operations attempted cancellation of a year ago.  She has correctly summarized that although Nikita may be accepting the concepts behind Section, she has retained her humanity and compassion inspite of it.  These two things alone make Nikita the perfect candidate.  Add to that  Nikita's and Michael's propensity to protect one another.  Adrian has correctly deduced that there is a strong bond between these two operatives and that by threatening Michael, she can gain Nikita's cooperation.

Adrian and Madeline:

Walter stated to Nikita that Adrian was the only person that Madeline was afraid of.  There can be only one explanation for that -  Adrian trained Madeline and knows all of her fears and wants.  It is very probable that Madeline helped Operations oust Adrian.

Adrian and Michael:

Was Michael in Section (See Section Time Line) at the when  Operations started his campaign to overthrow Adrian?  Was he may have been instrumental in her take down?   Could this be the reason why he is a "special" case and promoted to team leader 3 years ahead of time?

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