Psych Profile:  Birkoff

Birkoff is the other question mark in Section. A cynical cyber-geek, Birkoff remains a mystery.

Other than Nikita, who was shown a file (not necessarily saying that the file she was shown was his actual file), no one knows how Birkoff was actually recruited into Section or how long he has been there.  There are, however,  two theories:

         1.    He hacked his way into Section's computers on more than one occasion until
                he was caught.

         2.    The second that Section kidnaped him to have him perform a specific task
                only to be permanently detained.

Since the kidnaping of Greg Hillinger, it is widely held that the second theory is correct.

At onetime, Birkoff kept to himself.  After his near cancellation and with the help of Nikita, Birkoff has come out of his shell.  It is obvious that he is attracted to Nikita, but knows that this form of relationship with her has no chance.  Instead, he does what he can to aid her (most notably his involvement to keep her alive inspite of Operations and Madeline's attempt to kill her after the Adrian Affair).  He has even ventured into the political side of Section with Walter in an attempt to blackmail Operations.  When this venture turned sour, he blew Walter off only to later learn that Operations had bluffed his way through a very dangerous situation.

It is Psych Ops opinion that with this and other incidents, that Birkoff is becoming very disillusioned with Section in general and with Operations in particular.

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