Before I Sleep

Mission Summary:        Use terrorist courier Jan Baylin to locate and eliminate the Alliance, a transient tactial group, headquarters compound.  Due to anomaly listed below, a contingency plan was initiated.  Sarah Gerrard, a Jan Baylin look-alike, who was terminal with acute lymphocytic leukemia, was recruited to take Jan's place.  She ferried the detonators from Marco Ashe to the Alliance compound.

Mission Anomalies:    Rather than work for Section One, Jan Baylin committed suicide before the initial meet with Marco Ashe

Adversaries:                 Marco Ashe, Jan Baylin, Darius, leader of the Alliance

Innocents:                 Sarah

Mission End Game:  Marco Ashe and Darius eliminated, Alliance Compound destroyed.

Psychological impact:


This was a very difficult mission profile for Nikita.  Given her propensity for compassion, she had a difficult time accepting that a terminally ill innocent was being used by Section One.  She attempted to convince Sarah that she did not have to continue with the mission.  She attempted to abort the first contact, but Sarah herself prevailed.  Nikita was even suspicious that Section One was responsible for Sarah's illness.  She went so far as to ask Madeline.  Madeline wisely, admitted that Section One was responsible, knowing Nikita would not believe the truth.


Performed his role in relaxing Sarah around men.  He flattered her skills as an operative.  He was visibly amused  by her new feistiness.  He wisely allowed her to take control of the session.  His influence was so successful that Sarah seduced Marco Ashe without a qualm. . . or instructions to do so.

Michael and Nikita's Bond:

It is felt that there was some collusion between Michael and Nikita during this mission.  Sarah's file was rerouted to Michael's laptop.  The activity log indicates that Michael did some investigation regarding the time line of Sarah's illness.  Of incidental note, Michael did describe to Sarah his feelings for someone he loved.  The output from that portion of the session has since disappeared, and has not been available for Madeline to review.  She is not pleased.


Continued surveillance of Michael and Nikita.  They are bound to make a mistake sooner or later and reveal the depth of their relationship.  Appropriate action will then be decided by Operations and Madeline.


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