Beyond The Pale

Mission Summary:        Ostensibly, the mission under Zalman's leadership was to pickup Vincent Tomas, who had taken the helm of Red Cell's European operations.  Michael to lead Team One to take down the mother cell, while other teams would simultaneously strike his satellite cells.

Mission Anomalies:    The location was found to be clear.  Vincent Tomas had evacuated within the last twenty-four hours.  Michael and Nikita escaped, taking a highly restricted device, a field router with them.  The device is capable of sending and receiving simultaneously.  It also contains all the codes and frequencies for Section One's  mission deployment.  With this device Michael jammed communications between the mission team and Section One.

Adversaries:                 Vincent Tomas, Zalman, Newly promoted Head Strategist of Section One was actually a Red Cell double agent, who worked for Vincent Tomas.

Mission End Game:  Zalman's double agent status verified.  Under interrogation Zalman revealed Tomas's location (Belgrade) and the location of CCD's.

Psychological impact:


Due to the constraints of the field router, surveillance was non-existent during the part of the mission that Michael and Nikita were alone.  All the information we have is from her debriefing after the mission was completed.  She stated that Michael had explained the true mission to her.  It was necessary for her to act accordingly.  She states it was "Just a mission, like any other."   Apparently, Zalman was on the verge of raping her, when Michael and his team intervened.   Nikita stated she felt capable of handling Zalman had Michael not arrived when he did.


Michael performed superbly.  His physical conditioning and ability to withstand torture are admirable.  As to the emotional impact of seeing his son on a live feed video, Michael refused to discuss it.

Michael and Nikita's Bond:

Due to the absence of surveillance equipment at the farmhouse, this profiler can only guess as to whether or not the two operatives furthered their relationship in an inappropriate manner.  Surveillance at Nikita's apartment was equivocal as to the actual nature of their relationship.  It is obvious to this profile that there is a growing bond of understanding between these two.


Perhaps, physical evidence could be obtained from the farmhouse?  Otherwise, continuous surveillance will be necessary.


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