Cat & Mouse

Mission Summary:   Locate and eliminate a biological weapons kitchen outside Gdansk on the Baltic Sea.  They have been fingered in selling their wares to at least four terrorist groups, including Red Cell.

Mission Anomalies:    (1)  Nikita was out of communication for 45
                                            unexplained seconds.  In reality, Nikita was
                                            replaced by a doppelganger, who then
                                            assumed her identity in Section One.

                                    (2)  During a second mission, members of Nikita's
                                             team were all killed, but no one came close to
                                             hitting her.

Adversaries:   Dominic, the former Inquisitor from Mission: War, Abby--Nikita's bioengineered twin

Mission End Game:    Dominic captured, Nikita retrieved, Abby canceled

Psychological impact:


It is apparent from a thorough debriefing that Nikita performed admirably while in captivity.  Whatever her true feelings might have been, she remained focused and was able to demonstrate to Michael that the real Nikita did not return from the mission.  That she was able to do this, while under total scrutiny of her captor, is a testimony to her ingenuity and training.  Nikita's only fault remains her compassion.  This observer was not able to see who fired the shot that canceled Abby, but it is doubtful that Nikita performed the cancellation herself, in spite of Madeline's encouragement to ‘exorcise' Abby from her mind and body


Initially, Michael was observed to be defensive of Nikita; however, he did place a ‘watch' on her.  A watch was placed on Michael as well.  At some point the double faltered.  Michael was reticent in the exact nature of her mistake, but he was able to convince Madeline and Operations that she was not Nikita.  Michael then went to meet the double at Nikita's apartment and made love to her, while a flash mission was mounted to locate and rescue the real Nikita.  Michael is the experienced veteran of many Valentine operations, but it seems to this observer that Michael tires of this role.

Michael and Nikita's Bond:

The bond between Michael and Nikita continues to solidify and strengthen.  A perfect physical double, who was audio-guided by Nikita, was not able to deceive Michael.  Michael and Nikita were observed outside the White Room. Michael appeared very uncomfortable, as did Nikita; however, she did offer absolution of sorts.  "She was very convincing."  Michael's simple reply of, "Very" spoke volumes.


Maintain surveillance on both operatives.  They obviously have means of subliminal communication that is not apparent on close observation.  Repeated surveillance may add to our knowledge base regarding these two.

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