Section One:
Crimes and Punishment

        During her mission to bring in Adrian, Nikita discovered that Section was responsible for keeping men like Saddam Hussein in power and in many cases helped in the development of weapons of mass destruction.  Upon her return to Section, she forced Operations into giving an accounting of his activities.

        Operations rationale for keeping Hussein in power were as follows:

            1.    Stabilization of the area: Theoretically, keeping Hussein in
                    power keeps the area stable.

            2.    Terrorist groups that would splinter into many are kept cohesive
                    and well financed.  It is assumed that information is also
                    funneled to Section in regards to these groups.

            3.    With the combination of #1 & #2, these groups are well funded
                    and do not need to obtain funding in another manner.

        Because of the three points above, the acts of terrorism are kept in check, the production of weapons of mass destruction are kept to a minimum, and the chances of the use of weapons of mass destruction is kept to a minimum.

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