Double Date
Mission:  Friend
Mission Date:  0-97
Mission Summary:

To bring down Kusko and his mercenary army.

Mission Anomalies: 

Michael and Nikita's mandatory refusal after initial report of success. (See Special Reports:  The Fannings)

Adversaries:  Nicholas Kusko

Other Players: David Fanning (See Special Reports:  Operations'

Innocents: Lisa Fanning

Mission End Game:

Kusko and his mercenaries were eliminated.


Psychological impact:

Nikita's work on the mission was excellent - asking technical questions, etc.  However, her reluctance to work with Fanning and her challenge to Operations' judgement were disturbing.  In hindsight, it appears that her initial evaluation of Fanning was accurate. (See Special Reports:  Fannings)

Michael's performance on this mission was classic Michael.  His ability to take a highly volatile situation (Fanning and Nikita) and keep everyone focused on the mission was remarkable.

Michael and Nikita's Bond:
Michael and Nikita seem to have come to an understanding of sort.  Coming into the briefing area they came down the hallway they were together, but entered through different doors.  Although they may have come to an agreement, in this observer's opinion, the coming through separate doors and splitting as they approached Operations is rather symbolic of their relationship - they have a close bond, but do things differently.

Of great interest to Psych Ops is the one-sided conversation at Walter's work table.  Fanning was deliberately goading Michael asking how many times he and Nikita had sex during missions and close quarter stand-by.  Fanning is not the first one in Section to state that there is a relationship between Michael and Nikita.  It is interesting to note that neither of them denied it.  All Michael said was to "drop it."  Nikita said nothing at all (although her reaction of throwing what she had in her hands onto the table is significant in and of itself).

Apparently Michael has accepted Nikita as an equal.  At Walter's table, he was explained that the com op's real function was to watch Fanning and if necessary to cancel him.  His actions denote that he no longer views Nikita as just a trainee.

Given the rather suspicious circumstances of their mandatory refusal and their apparent ease with one another, it is recommended that surveillance be increase on both Michael and Nikita.

Lady Aeval

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