Kronnen shot Operations after returning from a mission.  It was later found out that he was in the pay of Egran Petrossian and that the attempted assassination was payment for Petrossian's saving his mother from prison and poverty.  He was shot by Walter in the briefing room.


Egran Petrossian was a former deep-cover operative for Section One in Eastern Europe.  He was brought in during a rescue mission to recover Michael.  Petrossian was known to be dictatorial and ruthless while still in the field.  He was the head of the secret police in an unnamed country for 17 years.  After Kronnen shot Operations, Petrossian was put in charge of Section One.  During his tenure, he elevated Nikita to his second in command replacing Madeline.  It is apparent that a coup attempt was in progress and that Petrossian's placement was the first step in creating a New Regime.  However, with Nikita's help, Petrossian was entrapped by Madeline.  Operations ordered his cancellation.
Skyes was marked for cancellation when he challenged his decision when first taking over from Operations.  Sykes, along with Michael and others, were sent to retrieve a disc from a hostile embassy.  During the break-in, the alarm was triggered and Michael was trapped.  Nikita ordered Sykes to go in and get him.  On a retrieval mission, Sykes made the mistake of not cutting the alarm system thus exposing Michael.  Petrossian order Nikita to personally cancel Sykes because of this.  While Nikita attempted to carry out this order, Sykes was shot by Madeline.

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