A long-time op, Mowen has been on many missions with Michael in the past.  During Michael's recent stint on Mandatory Refusal, he was sent to retrieve Michael without canceling him if possible.  After a failed attempt to take Michael alive, he had his team switch to live ammo.  Just as Mowen was about to take a shot at Michael, Nikita blind-sided him.  When Mowen returned to Section, he told Operations that he was unable to stop Michael due to this, but he covered for Nikita.

The next mission that the three ran together was to Scotland to destroy a rumored Red Cell weapons factory.  Due to faulty or lack of intel (Oversight is still looking into this matter), when Mowen penetrated the building he found nothing there.  After collection a sample of what appeared to be residue from an explosion, he returned to Section.  What was unknown at that time was that the residue was actually a  genetically altered anthrax virus.  After convulsing and collapsing in Com,  Mowen was taken to MedLab were he died.

Transferred in from the Asia Section, Andrea was rumored to "walk on water" and totally dedicated to Section.  However, Michael was assigned to "investigate Andrea because she was leaking intel to Red Cell/mentally unstable (depending if you believe Michael's or Operations explanation).  Michael seduced Andrea then dropped her.  As a result, she re-armed the fail safe mechanism on the door in the lab  thereby trapping Michael inside the room where he had just planted the explosive.  Because of this, she was canceled.

                                                                                               RAY LEEDS
Ray Leeds was a transfer from Oversight (also known as "The Department").  He was brought in, according to Operations, at George's request to train with Madeline to be her backup.  Arrogant and ruthless, he interrogated Maurice Sauvage by slicing him with a razor blade to gain information about Sauvage's organization.  He later ran the Renzo Marin mission from com with Nikita.  Ignoring Nikita's "hunch,"  he ordered her to send Marin into the presidential palace.  When the car door was opened, it exploded killing a Marin and his guards.  Because of this failure to protect a high priority mission, Leeds was canceled.

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