A Class Five operative,  Chris was the mission leader chosen by Madeline and Operations to replace Michael.  His primary objective during the two missions were to ensure that Nikita did not return.  Chris was "convinced" by Nikita, Michael and Birkoff, to help them keep Nikita alive by placing a "bug" in Madeline's office.   However, the attempt by the trio was apparently defeated.  During the next mission, he locked Nikita into a control room.  Chris and the other members of the team were killed by the missile that was meant for Nikita.


                    Dechy                    Pierce                    Pollock


Three operatives who were involved in the mission to bring Adrian in.  All have expired in subsequent mission.  Rumor has it that the were slated for termination without the knowledge of Oversight as part of a coverup by Madeline and Operations.


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