Deep Ops:
The Takedown of Adrian
        It is now evident that Adrian's plan to retake Section One started two years ago when Carla became friends with Nikita.  It is obvious that Carla was assigned to observe Nikita and when the time came, to bring her in to Adrian.

        The above begs the question who else in Section was helping Adrian.  Who let her know about potential recruits?  Although there is no direct evidence to support this, this observer suspects that Jurgen was involved.  The reasons for this are as follows:

         1.        Jurgen was a member of the Psych Ops team.  His speciality
                    was the retraining of operatives who have shown some signs
                    of instability or in the case of Nikita had been out of Section for
                    a long period of time.

         2.        When returning Nikita to her apartment and her finding out that
                    Carla was gone, Jurgen knew exactly where and how to get
                    in touch with Carla.

        If Jurgen was involved with Adrian, he would have had access to all new recruits psych files and would have been able to track their progress.

        When Operations and Madeline became aware of Adrian's actively moving against Section is unknown.  What is known is that they picked Nikita to bring her in.  How they obtained her willingly cooperation can only be guessed.  In this observer's opinion, they may have threatened to cancel Michael, Birkoff or Walter (or even all three) if she did not cooperate with them.

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