It has become apparent to Psych Ops that there is an attempt to destroy Section One.  This attempt appears to be an internal struggle by whom it is not certain.

        Two patterns have been noticed.  Pattern One is unusual behavior on the part of persons inside Section and Pattern Two are insider knowledge somehow made known to outside forces and/or events that unfold due to faulty intel.

        The following are the summaries for each occurrence.  All missions are not suspect, but those that are may or may not have both patterns present.


        Pattern #2:  Harding manages to tunnel into Section's mainframe and extract The Directory.  The Directory is never recovered.


        Pattern #1:  Michael's vigil besides Nikita's bed after they are brought back in from Red Cell.

        Pattern #2:  How Red Cell got The Directory is unknown.  The Directory is still missing.


         Pattern #1:  After a botched mission, Nikita - unknown to herself or Michael, is put in abeyance Nikita is sent on a suicide mission.  Michael gives Nikita her freedom by giving her the PDA and a way out.  From the surveillance tapes, it is clear that Madeline has reservations  regarding this decision.  Is it possible the Operations and his second in command do not always agree with decisions made?

Hard Landing:

        Pattern  #1:  Madeline and Operations are concerned that Michael is not performing up to his norm.  Michael broke a recruit's leg because he is not paying attention.   He is taken off of team leader status after an incident in which he almost got his entire team killed. Unauthorized and coded messages are being sent to an unknown destination.  Is it possible that he has not or cannot reconcile his part in Nikita's death? Operations seems to feel that if he got over  Simone's death, he will get over.

        Pattern #2:  Ackerman's betrayal of Section to the Freedom League.

Spec Ops:

        Pattern #1:  Michael's continued erratic behavior - the botched missions to retrieve Kudren, a member of the Freedom League and the destruction of the Freedom Leagues computer

        Madeline disagreeing with Operations that a bond between two agents is necessarily a bad thing (Disagreement #2).

Third Person:

        Pattern #1: Michael fight with Jurgen in the White Room.  His evident jealously over the growing attraction between Nikita and Jurgen.

Approaching Zero:

        Pattern #1:  Maddy leaving Michael alone when he is listening to Nikita and Jurgen.  Does she suspect that Nikita's capture by the Freedom League was actually and escape and that Michael helped?

        Pattern #2:   Jurgen's blackmail of Section.  How did he get the information in the first place?

New Regime:

        Pattern #1:  Nikita's attempt to takeover Madeline's position.  Her betrayal of Walter to Petrossian and her bullying of Birkoff.

        Pattern #2:  Operations being shot by Kronnen and Petrossian being brought in as his "temporary" replacement.  Was this an attempt to gain control of Section by someone?  Why wasn't Madeline promoted?  In the scene where Madeline catches Petrossian "murdering" Operations, she eludes to him having powerful friends.  Who are these friends? Are they in The Agency or perhaps somewhere else?  Since we don't know just how or who Section gets it funding from, it could be from anyone who has a stake in Section.

Mandatory Refusal:

        Pattern #1:  Operations constant attempt to win Madeline over. Operations attempt to stop, cancellation being an option, Michael from caring out the mission Madeline won't be killed.  Did Operations really believe that Madeline would be returned alive?

        Michael explaining to Nikita that if it was anyone but her, they would be dead (first attempt at talking to her).  Madeline telling Nikita that just because Operations made a "mistake" that it didn't justify hers.  (Disagreement #3)

        Pattern #2:  How did Dorian Renquist kidnap Madeline?  How did he know (1) how to tap into Section's satellites and (2) which satellites where used by Section?

Half Life

        Pattern #1:  Michael's attempt to get Rene to stop without informing Section of who he suspect was behind the museum bombing.

        Michael opening up to Nikita about his family/past and telling her that he wasn't sure if he could go thru with the profile set to destroy Rene and his group.

Darkness Visible

        Pattern  #1:  Michael giving into Nikita regarding the children and then their parents.  Also if you noticed, he did not criticize her when she didn't take out Rodovan Luka because she shot the soldiers who where talking the children away.

Open Heart

        Pattern  #1:  Nikita actually "doing her job" in attempting to manipulate Jenna with "whatever it took."

        Pattern #2:  The intel being faulty from the start.  Who is giving bad information to Section?  We know Red Cell will do anything to destroy Section. But was it them who feed the faulty intel to Section?

First Mission

        Pattern #1:  Nikita "acting ruthless" by decking and then cutting Vizcanzo's throat.

        Pattern #2:   An entire team eliminated, general pandemonium in Section, Section operative-light.

Psych Pilgrim

        Pattern #1:  Michael's evident discomfort after making love with Nikita. Michael's admission to Nikita that he does have feelings for her.

        Madeline not answering her phone and  reaction to her mother's failing health.  Operations initial refusal of Madeline's request to see her mother  and then breaking policy by bringing her mother to Section.  Madeline's abortive attempt to make peace with her mother.

Soul Sacrifice

        Pattern #1:  Michael's acquiescence to Nikita's plea not to turn Teri.

        Operations warning Nikita that he was going to have Michael help her "overcome" her flaws.

        Pattern #2:  How did Bates come by the information that the Agency's operatives were coming after him?  Bates must have known that if he grabbed Agency Operatives that Section One would not be far behind.

Not Was

        Pattern #1:  Operations and Madeline overlooking Nikita's deception with regards to Michael's mental status.

Double Date

        Pattern #1:  Operations' acceptance of Nikita's challenge over David Fanning.

Fuzzy Logic

        Pattern #1:  Birkoff's evident uneasiness at Hillenger's asking him if he was kidnaped into Section.

        Madeline's "acceptance" of Nikita's remark.

        Pattern #2:  Hillenger's attempt to blackmail Section into letting him go by planting a virus in the system.

Old Habits

        Pattern #1:  Nikita's ability to work with Formitz even after her reaction to his "hobby."

        Pattern #2:  Bright Star's leader knowing about Section's mole.
Inside Out

        Pattern #2:  Red Cell's ability to once again breach Section.

Off Profile

        Pattern #1:  Michael apologizing, feeling guilty and not reporting Andrea for trying to kill him.

Last Night

        Pattern #2:  Brutus was built with a top priority of destroying Section One.  Can "he" be the one feeding faulty intel to Section?

In Between

        Pattern #1:   Nikita's willingness to kill on order.

        Pattern #2:   (a)  Goatee Man and Carla.  Just how involved is Carla in all of this?
                                (b)  The reappearance of Charles Sand, First Tier Operative and
                                       Madeline's husband, after nine years of being thought dead.

Adrian's Garden

        Pattern #1:  Nikita's appearance in places that she should not have the clearance to be and her unusual evasive answers to Michael as to why.

        Pattern #2:  The kidnaping of Nikita by Adrain, the founder of Section.

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