End Game
Mission Summary: To stop Adrian from destroying Section One

Mission Anomalies:

(1)    Nikita's apparent betrayal of Section.

(2)    Michael turning Nikita in to Operations

Adversaries:  Adrian and her organization.

Mission End Game:

Adrian captured and her organization destroyed.

Psychological impact:

Nikita's apparent defection to Adrian was in fact a mole mission conceived by Madeline and Operations.  (See Analysis:  Destruction of Section:  Threat Contained)

Nikita's transformation into the perfect operative might have been complete if not for her outburst in which she demanded of Operations an accounting of Section's activities.  (See Special Reports:  Section One:  Crimes and Punishment)

Although heavily conflicted in his feelings for Nikita and his duty to Section, even though Michael turned Nikita into Operations, he still offered her chance to escape.

Michael and Nikita's Bond:
See Relationship File:  Michael and Nikita

For further analysis on this deep cover mission, please see Deep Ops:  The Takedown of Adrian

(1)        Although Nikita's mission was a success, tension is running high and morale is low in
            Section.  It is Psych Ops determination that all  operatives, including Madeline and
            Operation take time to re-evaluate what has happened over the last year.

(2)        Re-evaluation of personnel Psych Files.

(3)        Re-evaluation of personnel Relationship Files.

Lady Aeval

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