Fuzzy Logic
Mission:  Friend
Mission Date:  0-97
Mission Summary:

1)  Discover what terrorist group is responsible for numerous
     explosions which they trigger by using a communication DOD satellite.
2)  Invasion of reported location
3)  Detain Greg Hillinger, a young mathematical genius, who wrote his
     doctoral dissertation on nonlinear principal components, in order to
     break the code used to take over the DOD  satellite.
4)  Destroy site of unnamed group in South Africa, bring back personnel and

Mission Anomalies: 

1)  Initial reported location was a trap.  Code that Birkoff broke was a decoy
     and ‘outer shell."   Multiple operatives lost.
2)  Virus implanted by Hillinger invaded all Section One programs.
3)  Resulting in target beacon moving at 3 x's the speed of sound.
4)  Hillinger's disruptive and independent behavior, which resulted in his
     permanent detainment by Section One.

Adversaries:  Initially unknown.  Reported by Operations to be "just another insane  group of misfits empowered by technology."

Mission End Game:

Code broken by Hillinger.  Compound of unnamed group destroyed.  Hostiles brought back to Section One for interrogation.  Hardware being reworked.  Hillinger permanently detained by Section One - 92% chance of successful integration


Psychological impact:

It is apparent from surveillance that Nikita was affected by  the youth of Hillinger.  However, she performed more than competently except when she tried to protect him.

It was obvious from surveillance tapes that Nikita saw young Greg as an innocent and tried to protect him even though he had seen entirely too much of the Section One compound.  Nikita was also observed to be contemptuous to Madeline after Hillinger was taken.  The relationship with Madeline is trying at best.

Michael's performance was flawless.

Michael and Nikita's Bond:
There was very little interaction between Michael and Nikita on this mission.  Both were very focused during the pickup of Hillinger.

Two questions: (1) what is the "it" Michael is talking about and (2) what was Nikita protecting herself from?

(1)    Continue to watch Nikita very closely as suggested by Madeline.

(2)    Continue  surveillance on Michael and Nikita.  Nikita is becoming more
        of an expert at hiding some of her feelings.  Lack of opportunity is
        more likely the reason that these two do not interact more.
        Surveillance capabilities even at Section One do not capture every
        nuance of their by-play.



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