Gates of Hell

Mission Summary:   To take down Mihai and Laszlo Brevich

Mission Anomalies:   Michael's apparent emotional breakdown.

Adversaries:   Mihai Brevich, Laszlo Brevich
Mission End Game:   Mihai and Laszlo Brevich eliminated.

Psychological impact:


In spite of all that Michael has done to her in the past, Nikita has gotten beyond that and stood by him.  She has grown to understand that Michael does have a soul.  Nikita realized that Michael needed a friend.


The loss of his son has made Michael retreat inward.  At the beginning of the Brevich mission, it appeared that he was "daring" Operations to cancel him by his insubordinate and careless behavior.  His lack of response to Operations' initial manipulations drove Nikita to guard him.

Two events occurred during this mission:

    (1)   After Laszlo Brevich was shot by his "father," Michael (who until this
           time watched from the sidelines) sought to avenge the son's death
           by killing his "father."  

    (2)    Before Michael shot  Mihai Brevich, he informed him that his son's
            killer was dead.

Before losing his son, Michael would not have thought to avenge a target's death nor give comfort to another.  Did he see in Laszlo Brevich his own child?  Was he offering comfort to Mihai as father to father?  Has Michael's loss finally made him realize that Operation's methods are not necessarily for the "greater good?"

Michael and Nikita's Bond:

In spite of Nikita's admission that she was his friend, it is this observer's belief that the bond that has been forged over the last four years is still intact.  During Nikita's visit to Michael's loft, Michael all but begged Nikita to stay clear of him saying that anyone who cared for him ended up hurt.  Nikita in turned told him that she chose her own path.  In other words, if she chose to stand by him, she did so willingly.  In the past, Michael has saved Nikita from herself as well as Section.  Now she has done the same for him.  Their relationship has come full circle.


1.    Although Michael is clearly healing, it would be wise to keep closer
       tabs on him.  Michael has eluded to having "resources" of his own.   It
       will be interesting to see if he uses them.

2.    Surveillance on Nikita and Michael should be reestablished.

Lady Aeval

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