Every so often, a person who comes into Section One for interrogation is let go on the condition that they "freelance" for Section.  The following persons are currently green listed.

        Perry Bauer
Perry Bauer procures anything that anyone wants - arms, people, munitions, and even viruses.  Nikita and Michael were sent in posing as Peter and Sage, a mercenary couple, to stop Bauer.  After being brought in and interrogated, Bauer was given the opportunity to work with Section.  He accepted and was green listed.


  [Art work not available]

An information source, Harding was green listed until he stole The Directory by tunneling into Section.  He was killed by Benko.


                                                                    Mick Scthoppel
Mr. Stchoppel first came to Helix's attention when he was contacted to help Section retrieve The Directory.  He first approached Nikita posing as a friend of Grey Wellman whom Benko believed had The Directory to step up a meet with Benko.  When Nikita arrived for the meeting accompanied by Grey, Benko never showed.  As soon as the Section team had left, Stchoppel and Benko appeared.  Dragging Nikita into the van, they attempted to pursuade her into giving up The Directory.  Failing that, Benko placed a plastque necklace on Nikita.  At the final meet,  Benko was grabbed by Nikita.

Mick next appears in Section's active files when he is used to help bring down Sullivan Bates, a rouge NSA agent.   After double crossing Michael, Mick was brought in.

Even after his betrayl of Michael in the Sullivan mission, Mick's value to Section kept him alive.  After another operative was killed on a mission, Mick was given that ops' apartment - right across from Nikita's.  It remians to be seen whether or not this is an attempt on Section's part to keep tabs on Nikita or the reverse.  Mick's appeared after the close of the Vacek mission very upset by the death of a young, innocent woman who was killed in an Section-manufactured explosion.  Is this jaded man capable of feeling guilt?

  Dorian Enquist
Dorian Enquist was a supplier of arms and information.  During his tenure with Section he supplied them with various pieces of information/equipment.  His relationship ended when he kidnapped Madeline and attempted to kill Michael, forcing Michael into mandatory refusal.  Dorian was killed by Michael.

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