Part VI
As soon as Michael had left, Therese waited before notifying Nikita that she was
available. She needed a few moments to collect her thoughts and impressions. Michael was the most charismatic man she’d ever met. His power was understated, but very real.  It emanated from him in waves. She had felt it. His current feelings of loss and depression, notwithstanding, Michael was endowed with potential and abilities that compelled others to trust and follow him. Therese had no doubt that one day he would assume that mantle of power and take his place as the head of Section One. It could not happen too soon for her.

Finally, after these considerations, she called Nikita. "Michael's session is
completed for the morning. I'm yours again. What wonderful thing do you have for me to do next? "

Nikita said, "Weapons training. I'll come by and show you the way to munitions.
Walter will take you from there." In less than two minutes, Nikita's knock announced her presence before she opened the door. "Ready?" she asked.

Therese cast at her own gray sweats. "Ready? I'm as ready as I'll ever be. This
Walter? I don't suppose he's as handsome as Michael?" Therese asked.

Nikita responded with a wry tone as she rolled her eyes. "I suppose he has a
certain charm, but there’s only one Michael."

"All right, Nikita. Let's meet the charming Walter and get this weapons training
business done.

Nikita arched an eyebrow at Therese’s words. "Oh, you'll be in weapons training
for quite a while, I would imagine."

Therese smiled. She was anxious to leave her quarters. She was willing to do
almost anything that would allow her some freedom of movement. Weapons training could come in handy, if she ever attempted an early exit from the underground rabbit warren of Section One.

Therese followed Nikita's long strides to the armory. Walter awaited them. "Hey,
Sugar. I see you brought me some new material, he said with the routine leer in his twinkling blue eyes

Therese sniffed.

Walter took a long look at Therese. "So this is the good doctor that's going to fix

Nikita cleared her throat and gave Walter a look over her pale blue tinted glasses.  "Therese is here to learn basic firearms, Walter."

"Therese, huh? Mind if I call you Terry?" he asked with a sideways glance, as he
began to search for an appropriate weapon.

"Yes, I do."

"Well, then Therese it is."

"I'd prefer to be called Dr. DuPre."

"Oh." Walter's face fell.

Therese relented, when she saw Walter's expression. "But only if you become a
patient of mine, Walter. Therese is fine."

Walter beamed.

"I'm going to leave the two of you alone. May I trust you to behave yourself,
Walter?" Nikita asked with a knowing grin.

"I'll be on my best behavior with the doctor here. Promise." Walter responded
with a wink. “After all, she’ll be armed and dangerous.”

Therese snorted.

Walter bit his lower lip. “All right, Therese. This is your basic 9mm.
semi-automatic handgun. Most of the wounds you see will be from this baby, and this is similar to what most ops prefer to carry.

“Wounds? Wait a minute, Walter.” Therese grabbed the grizzled man by his arm.  “I’m a psychiatrist. I don’t plan on seeing, much less treating wounds.”

“Well, now I hate to disappoint you, but Section One has a way of shall we say
‘utilizing’ every advantage, and you might turn out to be an advantage in more ways that one.” Walter gave a nod to emphasize his meaning, as he continued quietly. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll make yourself as useful as possible. You won’t be wasted.”

Therese swallowed. This situation was becoming more and more complicated
every minute. She extended her hand for the gun and empty shell cartridge. She checked the safety, chambered the cartridge and engaged the cocking mechanism in one swift practiced motion. She aimed the gun toward the paper target in a perfect two-hand stance
and asked, “Well?”

“I see you’ve handled a gun before.”

“Once or twice.”

“Can you hit anything?”

“Hand me some ammo, and you’ll see.”

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