Hand To Hand

Mission Summary:    To find and eliminate Charles Meyers.

Mission Anomalies:   Nikita's refusal to kill Aurora.

Adversaries:             Charles Meyers and Emlen Anagar

Section Team:          Rene from Oversight

Innocents:                 Sondra, Aurora, other captives of the brothel

Mission End Game:  Meyers and Anagar eliminated.

Psychological impact:


Nikita's compassion has once again influenced her decision-making.  Her attempt to make Sondra leave the "talent agency" before she was chosen is an example.  Although this propensity can at times be dangerous, in this case Nikita may have been justified.  By helping to, in the end, free the women imprisoned in Anagar's brothel and death pit, Nikita was upholding on of Section's goals to protect innocents.


Michael is the ultimate Section op, however, it has become openly noticeable that he is now questioning the directives that he is being given.  The one flaw in his execution of this mission profile was his time lapse when watching Nikita in the pit.  His hesitation during her time in the pit is very uncharacteristic.  Although the outcome of the mission was favorable, it may be time to re-evaluated Michael's position in Section.

Michael and Nikita's Bond:

There is no doubt that Nikita has had a profound affect on Michael.  Her ability to have him change his mind or to see things from her point of view is extraordinary.   As for their personal relationship, this should be heavily discouraged.  It may be necessary to command them to cease all outside contact.


Increase surveillance on these operatives to determine if their personal relationship is detrimental to Section.

Lady Aeval

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