In Between
Mission:  Friend
Mission Date:  0-97
Mission Summary:  To capture Abel Goellner and confiscate his assets.

Secondary Mission:   The elimination of Charles Sands aka Karel Giraldi.

Mission Anomalies:    The reappearance of Charles Sands (See Special Report:  The Charles Sand's Affair).

Adversaries:  Abel Goellner

Incidentals: Charles Sand, First Tier Operative of Section One, out for nine years.  African rebel leaders and their bodyguards.

Mission End Game:

Goellner captured and his assets confiscated.  Charles Sand was canceled.

Psychological impact:

Nikita's performance on the main mission was excellent.  Her ability to perform while under stressful situations has increasingly improved of late.  Even when approach at first by Sand (aka Giraldi), Goellner's assistant and her later discovery that he was a Section operative, she was able to maintain her composure.  However, Nikita was placed in a very awkward position by Operations and Madeline in regards to Sand (See Special Report:  The Charles Sand's Affair).

Michael's performance on the main mission was excellent.  His ability to improvise under difficult situations (Goellner's man holding a gun on him) without jeopardizing the mission.  Michael was not privy to the secondary mission.

Michael and Nikita's Bond:
Although the initial phase of the mission went well, Michael had noticed that Nikita is keeping something from him.  This feeling was further exacerbated by Operations upgrading Nikita.  She now directly reports to Operations.   Nikita is no longer Michael's material. Removing Nikita from Michael's mentorship effectively cuts her off from his advice and protection.  Initially, Nikita is unaware of this until Michael informs her of this in his office.  They both realize what possibly could happen and what Operations may be trying to achieve - driving a wedge between them

It is this observer's recommendations that not only should there be an increase in surveillance on Michael and Nikita, but in light of the situation between Operations and Madeline and the decision that was made in regards to Charles Sand, that a full scale re-evaluation of Section be done.

Lady Aeval

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